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World Green Building Council Annual Report 2017/18

The World Green Building Council’s Annual Report for 2017/18 outlines the major achievements of our global movement during the past year.

Key highlights include:

  • We welcomed two new members to our global movement: GBC Iceland and China GBC.  We supported progression of five GBCs and currently 38 of our 68 GBCs have reached Established membership status.
  • Together, our green building movement now covers almost 40% of the global population. Our GBCs have 36,884 members and almost 890 employees globally.
  • Working with their members, our GBCs have currently certified an incredible 2.65 billion m2 of floor space around the world.
  • Our ninth annual World Green Building Week reached an estimated total of 155 million people through press mentions and social media for the ‘Home Green Home’ campaign. With 53 GBCs participating, this was our biggest campaign yet!
  • 45 GBCs participated in the World Green Building Trends Report 2018 by Dodge Data & Analytics with the findings that demand for green building activity is poised to grow in the next three years.
  • The 42 signatories of our Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment have committed to eliminating 221 million tonnes of carbon emissions equivalent (CO2e) from their buildings by 2050 – equal to taking 47.3 million cars off the road
  • 35 countries making green building policy changes at either the city, regional or national level, with contributions from our GBCs.

Lisa Bate, our chair, commented in her foreword to this year’s report:

“Let me take this opportunity to thank and offer greater support to our GBCs, uniquely positioned as national and local catalysts to help our quest for global transformation across the entire building chain. It’s only through our global collaboration, mentorship and often friendly competition that we’ll achieve green buildings for everyone, everywhere.”