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WorldGBC sets out achievements in Annual Report 2016/17

The World Green Building Council has today set out its achievements and those of its global network of Green Building Councils in its Annual Report 2016/17.

The report details the progress that WorldGBC has made over the past year. This includes putting in place Regional Heads in all five of its Regional Networks; providing thought leadership, global influence, research and resources through its global projects; reaching an estimated potential 24 million people through World Green Building Week 2017; and strengthening its governance to ensure that every member GBC has a voice in the organisation and the Board of Directors ensures it is delivering on its mission.

Our 73 Green Building Councils have also made considerable achievements. They have certified over 1.2 billion m2 of floor space, which has had a knock-on impact on a far higher number of buildings around the world. They have influenced policy change 
in over 30 countries. They have changed the awareness and skills of over 200,000 people through training and events, in 2016 alone. And in many countries, they have strengthened their governance and leadership to become truly independent NGOs which effectively represent the entire green building sector.

“Looking back on the last year, we both are filled with amazement at the accomplishments of our movement in such a short time,” said our CEO Terri Wills and Chairman Tai Lee Siang in their joint-foreword to the report. “We feel incredibly fortunate to work with such a passionate, inspirational, dedicated, action-oriented, diverse – and fun – global community. Never has there been a group of people better poised to transform the world’s built environment than today.”

Key statistics from the report include:

  • 5 new net zero building certifications launched through our Advancing Net Zero project
  • 1.24 billion m2 of green building space around the world certified by our member Green Building Councils
  • 7 new members of WorldGBC staff, taking the number of employees up to 17 (from 10 at the end of 2016)
  • 5 Regional Heads established, giving each region of WorldGBC local leadership
  • 8 National Renovation Strategies launched in Europe, with support from the BUILD UPON project
  • 31 countries making green building policy changes at either the city, regional or national level, with contributions from our GBCs.

Read our Annual Report.