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#NZCBCommitment News Roundup: August

22 September 2022

Net Zero Carbon Building Commitment signatories are taking accelerated action to decarbonise their portfolios and the built environment. Read the latest news and updates on actions they are taking, projects, reports, research and more.

Grosvenor reports an outstanding 24% reduction in emissions over two years


Read Grosvenor’s Commitment profile here

Grosvenor believes collaboration is a powerful accelerator and vital if we want to protect and restore our planet. That’s exactly what this business is working towards and it’s evident in their results over the last two years.

In 2021, Grosvenor released its Net Zero Carbon Pathway, which was validated by Science Based Targets initiative. The report details how Grosvenor plan to become the UK’s first carbon neutral property company by 2025. The business is on track to meet its 2030 goals and will double their retrofit programme.

Grosvenor is paying it forward and advocating for sustainable environments by providing 30 SMEs with a science-based carbon reduction target through a pioneering mentorship programme.

ALP’s West Logistics Park will be completed on time despite setbacks

Read ALP’s Commitment Profile

ALP’s construction of West Logistics Park in Kenya has faced multiple setbacks and challenges. The war in Ukraine impacted global markets and supply chains, unpredictable weather, and national law changes that hampered material supply. But within six and a half months, the project is 92% complete.

Collaboration and communication between everyone involved in the project has been essential to its success. West Logistics Park is Edge Certified and the warehouse has an estimated 40% savings on energy, water and materials. The team at ALP ensured a reduction in embodied carbon was considered throughout the project.

This attention to detail and a shared vision has not only benefited the environment, but also the future tenants who can look forward to reduced utility bills.

WATCH: ALP West Logistics Park | Project Managers Video


Schneider Electric propose a new and innovative approach to decarbonisation of the built environment

Read Schneider Electric’s Commitment profile here

As a large corporation, Schneider Electric understands its role in the decarbonisation of the built environment and the need to contribute to societal progress.

Schneider Electric has created a series that will unpack and answer many of the current issues we face. The organisation believes that the use of technology can assist in the decarbonisation of the built environment. Schneider Electric’s technologies reconcile growth, access to energy for all and a carbon-free future for the planet. Towards Net Zero Buildings proposes ideas for action from government, the business, community and society that are in line with current trends and what has to happen in order to maintain momentum.

Schneider Electric understands that if we are to achieve sustainability goals – bold steps are required now.

Read Schneider Electric’s Towards Net Zero Buildings: A Practical Pathway

Schneider Electric is also a signatory of The Climate Pledge.


Menlo Park in California will decarbonise 95% of its buildings by 2030


Read California’s Commitment profile here

Menlo Park’s buildings are responsible for 41% of its greenhouse gas emissions. A partnership between the city and BlocPower will ensure that 95% of the city’s buildings are decarbonised by replacing its fossil fuel infrastructure with climate friendly heat pumps, solar panels and electric car chargers.

The project aims to decarbonise more than 10,000 structures by the end of the decade – but that’s not all. The project will also ensure that low-income neighbourhoods are the primary focus.

The partnership between the City of Mateo and BlocPower highlights the essence of sustainable environments: they’re meant to be for everyone. BlocPower has focused on uplifting low-income communities in New York.

Bennetts Associates releases 2022 Sustainability Report and updated targets


Read Bennetts Associates Commitment Profile here

For more than a decade, Bennetts Associates has been delivering Sustainability Reports. The latest report highlights the business’s updated targets and its three focus areas: Business, Design and People.

Bennetts Associates is recognised as one of the UK’s leading exponents of sustainable design and have a proven success rate with sustainable re-use. Bennetts Associates reworked a series of historical buildings in central London. Hampshire County Council’s 1960s Elizabeth II Court is a brilliant example. The building is now the lowest energy office in the country.

The work, lessons learned and methods used over the years has been applied to a range of building types ranging from theatres to university departments.

The UNFCCC has said that Bennetts Associates’ work contributes to moving us closer, faster to global climate neutrality.

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GPT delivers Australia’s first upfront embodied carbon neutral development


Read GPT’s Commitment profile here

GPT is leading the charge in Australia and now has the first upfront embodied carbon neutral development certified by Green Building Council Australia and Climate Active. But GPT understands that climate action goes beyond people.

The business has plans to go beyond building carbon neutral developments. GPT has partnered with Greenfleet to restore native forests. The partnership supports the reforestation and restoration of 1,100 hectares of Australia’s biodiverse forests.

With great power comes great responsibility and GPT understands that. GPT is committed to providing a positive legacy for the built environment, but the natural environment too.