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Sustainability leaders join the WorldGBC Board of Directors

Monday 8 July 2024

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) is pleased to announce the election of seven high calibre professionals to its Board of Directors. Two of these individuals are Michael Brooks, CEO of REALPAC from Canada, and Hugh Lim, Executive Director, Centre for Livable Cities (CLC) from Singapore who add a wealth of knowledge and bring diverse perspectives of leadership. 

Brooks and Lim were elected at WorldGBC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), which took place in London on 27 June 2024 during the WorldGBC Leadership Summit 2024, ‘Building the Transition’. In addition, five other Directors were also re-elected for a two year term on that same day: Matthew Bell, Faustine Delasalle, Sean Kidney, Johannes Kreißig and Davina Rooney.

Earlier that week on 24 June, the Board of Directors designated Directors to serve at the Executive Committee: Chair: Jennifer Layke, Global Director, Energy Program, WRI; Vice Chair: Habiba Al Mar’ashi, President, Arabia CSR Network, Co-Founder & Chairperson, Emirates Environmental Group; Treasurer: Davina Rooney, CEO, GBCA; and Secretary: Matthew Bell, EY Global Leader Climate Change and Sustainability Services.

Cristina Gamboa, CEO of WorldGBC, said:

“It is such an honour to welcome the newly elected Directors to the WorldGBC Board, who will support our organisation and network in building momentum for the sustainable and just transition of the built environment.

“As we move closer to our 2030 milestones, it has never been more important to lean on the knowledge and experience of seasoned sustainability leaders who can translate our strategy into real world success. Working alongside WorldGBC, Green Building Councils, partners and many other stakeholders, our Board of Directors will enable us to create the necessary conditions for advancing our mission and catalyse sustainable solutions at pace and scale.”

Over the next two years, WorldGBC’s Board of Directors will channel their efforts into enabling the delivery of WorldGBC’s sharpened strategy, which focuses on connecting global ambition with local action through:

  • Empowering changemakers to deliver progress. By providing our network’s key agents of change, with business leadership at the helm, with clear roadmaps to help them understand the role they play in the transition and key actions by 2030.
  • Equipping finance actors with guidance and tools. These will support them in assessing financial risks and opportunities alongside sustainability impact metrics, which allow comparability whilst also providing contextualised impact.
  • Enabling ambitious, equitable policies by inspiring politicians with the big picture.  We can provide them with a vision, supported by market and scientific data, of how low carbon and sustainable building and finance policies can, and will, deliver on the priorities of their citizens.

WorldGBC Board of Directors 2024:

  • Chair: Jennifer Layke, Global Director, Energy Program, World Resources Institute (WRI), nominated by CCCS (Colombia GBC)
  • Vice Chair: Habiba Al Mar’ashi, President, Arabia CSR Network, Co-Founder & Chairperson, Emirates Environmental Group, nominated by Emirates GBC
  • Treasurer: Davina Rooney, CEO, Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA​), nominated by GBCA (re-elected for 2024-26)
  • Secretary: Matthew Bell, EY Global Leader Climate Change and Sustainability Services, nominated by UKGBC (re-elected for 2024-26)
  • María Fernanda Aguirre, Executive Director, Chile Green Building Council, nominated by Chile GBC
  • Elizabeth Wangeci Chege, CEO and co-founder of WEB Limited, Energy Efficiency & Cooling Specialist at Sustainable Energy for All, nominated by Kenya GBS
  • Faustine Delasalle, CEO, Mission Possible Partnership, nominated by GBC Costa Rica (re-elected for 2024-26)
  • Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), nominated by IGBC (Irish GBC) (re-elected for 2024-26)
  • Johannes Kreißig, CEO DGNB, nominated by DGNB (Germany GBC) (re-elected for 2024-26)
  • Rachel Skinner, Executive Director, WSP, Responsible Business (ESG) & Government Relations, nominated by Czech GBC.

Newly elected Directors for 2024-26:

  • Michael Brooks, CEO, REALPAC, nominated by Canada GBC
  • Hugh Lim, Executive Director, Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC), nominated by Singapore GBC.

Directors that finished six years of service and their term in 30 June 2024:

  • Tan Swee Yiow, Senior Managing Director, Keppel Corporation Ltd, nominated by SGBC (Singapore GBC).

Find out more about WorldGBC’s Board of Directors. If you have any questions about the election process, please contact us at

Main picture: from left to right in the first row: Elizabeth Wangeci Chegue, Tan Swee Yiow, Jennifer Layke (Chair), Cristina Gamboa (CEO), Habiba Al Mar’ashi, Rob Benaicha (Legal Counsel) and Davina Rooney. Top row: Johannes Kreißig, Sean Kidney, María Fernanda Aguirre and Matthew Bell

Not present: Rachel Skinner, Michael Brooks and Hugh Lim.