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For COP28 we are #BuildingTheTransition

There is no question that the world must undergo a transition to ensure our survival on this planet. The transition required to regenerate and repair our planet will see systemic transformation across all sectors.

As the largest contributing sector to carbon emissions, the built environment has the potential to tackle the tipping point in global heating, humanitarian challenges and economic uncertainties.

We must ensure COP28 is the COP where we get the Global Stocktake on emissions right, increase ambition of Nationally Determined Contributions, and start building the transition to a sustainable future.

We represent a network of 75+ Green Building Councils and their 46,000 members who are supporting governments and businesses through the local solutions which already exist to scale the transition to an energy efficient, regenerative and just future – #BuildingTheTransition.

Find out more about the three transitions that are essential to accelerate a sustainable built environment.

Read our policy briefing paper on how to work with governments to support the implementation of a decarbonised, circular and resilient society.

COP28 and the Action Agenda

The UN’s 28th annual climate change conference (COP28) will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from 30 November – 12 December 2023.

As the world’s first Global Stocktake will be concluded at COP28, this COP provides a critical moment to curb extreme weather events and transition to a sustainable and resilient future.

The Global Stocktake takes place every five years, and evaluates the world’s progress towards meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and where there are gaps to accelerate climate action.

The two-week COP28 Action Agenda is designed for a diverse range of stakeholders around specific solutions that must be urgently scaled to limit global heating to 1.5 degrees, build resilience, and mobilise finance. 

Our global network of Green Building Councils can make the COP28 Action Agenda a reality. Not only can we, but we already are. How? Through driving an energy efficient, regenerative and just transition in the building and construction sector.

So what does that look like

  1. For governments – our Green Building Councils are working with local and national governments to realign their policies to facilitate the transition to sustainable built environments.
  2. For businesses – we are working alongside industry to leverage sustainable and innovative solutions, technologies, and ambition that already exist to give confidence for bolder building regulations.
  3. For the finance community – we are demonstrating that by joining the sustainable transition of the built environment, and investing in fossil-fuel-free and resilient buildings, they can mitigate the risk of stranded assets and early economic obsolescence.

Our calls to action for COP28

Governments can have confidence that Green Building Councils are ready to support you to deliver ambitious building policy; and confidence that industry is already demonstrating that the market can deliver the transformation that ambitious policy is asking for. It is feasible because our business leaders are already doing it, so let our network support you.

Call to action:

Industry leaders need confidence that sustainability actually improves their bottom line, and continue to showcase leadership action by decarbonising their buildings and their businesses. Together we can send a demand signal to policymakers that the building and construction sector has the ambition to implement sustainable solutions at scale.


Call to action:

Those who own or are investing in fossil fuel based, or buildings prone to climate change impacts, will eventually be owners of stranded assets, and therefore are exposed to the risk of early economic obsolescence. In order to address the physical and financial risks climate change poses, as well to meet future energy efficiency standards and market expectations as part of a sustainable transition, Green Building Councils are working alongside national finance sectors to ensure sustainable finance policies are fit for purpose and aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Call to action

  • There is a gulf of sustainability practices and policies between the built environment industry and the finance sector – the two sides need to talk to each other (better) to get the money flowing.
  • Contact your local Green Building Council to help bridge the gap between industry, finance sector and regulation in the country you operate in.

Join one of our climate initiatives

The Buildings Breakthrough is an initiative led by France and the Kingdom of Morocco and endorsed by 20+ countries. This will improve the enabling environment for climate action activities of Green Building Councils to continue delivering the goals of the breakthrough at speed and scale.

In fact three of WorldGBC’s key climate action programmes – BuildingLife, the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment and Advancing Net Zero are recognised as key initiatives that support the delivery of the Buildings Breakthrough.